From English CARE and Latin LIGO (connect, interlink)

(The main office of CareLigo is in the coastal municipality of Åkersberga. The picture is taken a Dec day at the beach of Brevik)



The company that develops and sells OPTILOGG® was founded in Sweden 2012 from the vision of improving health of the chronically ill elderly, by making them an active part of their own care team. 

Though our roots are in Sweden and the Nordics, our ambition is to reach out globally with OPTILOGG®. Chronic diseases affect everyone everywhere and increase as the world's population grows older. The need for support is enormous and the faster we can reach out with our solution, the more we can help!


Andreas Blomqvist

Chairman of the board, VP R&D and one of the founders.

Deep experience of clinical research and market analysis.

Fredrik Westman

Board member, CEO and one of the founders.

Long experience of product- and corporate manegement.

Inger Hagerman

Board member. 

MD, PhD, Senior Physician Karolinska

"As the lead investigator for the first randomized clinical trial of Optilogg, I remain impressed with the tool's development, which also in subsequent studies has shown the benefits of enhanced self-care and reduced need for hospitalization in heart failure. And this without increased burden on the caregiver, the patient himself is the most important resource!"

Oskar Ahlberg

Board member and part-owner.

MSc Royal Institute of Technology, has had various roles in leadership, communication, and sales at large IT companies and in recent years as an entrepreneur and in commitment to patients with rare diagnoses. Has founded Protracer AB (later sold to TopGolf Inc.) and is in addition to the involvement in CareLigo Chairman of the Board of the Swedish MPS Association and board member of the National Association of Rare Diagnoses

Maximilian Hermelin

Board member and part-owner.

MSc Royal Institute of Technology. Entrepreneur in IT and real estate. Other board engagements include Hermelin Fastigheter AB, Atella Fastigheter AB, MissionPoint AB and Karriärkonsulten AB. Maximilian is also the founder/co-founder of Hermelin IT-partner AB, Lindqvist Accounting AB, CRM consultants AB, Min Förskola AB and Appkonsulterna AB


We are a tight team that develops OPTILOGG®, both within the company and through our long-standing cooperation’s with expertise in several areas, but OPTILOGG® would never have become such a successful solution without the fantastic cooperation we have had and are having with both patient associations and the care profession.

From the start in 2012, we have included users in development to ensure that the solution will work and be relevant to the specific user group.



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